Style Inspiration: Emily Blunt

Hello darlings,

I first fell in love with Emily Blunt when she starred in Devil Wears Prada, although which fashion loving gal didn’t? But honestly it was in The Young Victoria with her compelling portrayal of Queen Victoria that she captured my heart. She is the epitome of class and decorum in general and in the way in which she dresses. I love the fact that everything she wears on the red carpet is incredibly ladylike yet never boringly predictable, mixing it up with an interesting cut, embellishment or stunning colour.

One thing’s for sure: I want to be like Ms Blunt when I grow up.


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Centre Court Style

Today marks the second Tuesday of Wimbledon and safe to say I have been glued to the TV so far which I’m sure will only continue as the tournament hots up. I have however not only been appreciating the quality of tennis but also loving the style of all of the spectators as well. There is certainly an undoubtable sophistication that the whole ceremony of Wimbledon demands across the board.


Dress | Earrings | Sunglasses | Heels | Handbag | Lipstick

When I was thinking about the fundamentals of a Wimbledon outfit I obviously couldn’t escape the essential white. This Mango dress is delightful; stylish, simple and of course a brilliant white. Nevertheless I wanted to mix up the look with some bright colours and different textures- these earrings for me add some interest and individuality. And finally who could forget the need for a pair of classic sunglasses.


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