About Me

For many years now I have often referred to my style as “granny- chic”. Personally I think there’s something lovely about wearing clothes that make me feel like a lady (although I can’t deny the few pairs of tracksuit bottoms that reside in the bottom of my wardrobe). Nevertheless I think it’s safe to say that I am an old lady stuck in a teenager’s body. One of my style icons is the DoC Kate Middleton, I think she encapsulates everything that makes up the perfect lady (so expect a lot references to her- sorry). Another couple of my style icons are Keira Knightely and Olivia Palermo because they both have such classic styles with a bit of a modern twist. I am also a fan of how Leighton Meester does her dressed down looks and her character in Gossip Girl, Blair, is another of my style muses. An overall inspiration for me however is the stunning Audrey Hepburn; she is the epitome of ladylike chic.

I hope that you enjoy my blog as I delve further into my dream outfits, style inspirations, reviews and much more.



4 thoughts on “About Me


    Few suggestions (for my own benefit really) – peplum style, clothes to suit body shapes, bargains and how to wear a certain item such as a white top in many outfits? 🙂

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