Friday Favourites


Peplum Cardigan
There’s little I love more than a good knit- it’s just so pretty!

These culottes make me feel all 2007 when my culottes were my prize possession. Although I think I’d give the bright pink gloves a miss this time around…


DKNY Handbag
Who doesn’t need a little splash of colour in these wintery months?

Max Factor CC Stick/ Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer
I’ve felt recently that my under eye circles have been particularly bad but to be honest for the last few years I’ve consistently struggled with dark, mainly blue and purple, under eyes- what can I say chronic pain is hardly becoming. So I thought I’d invest in a couple of products to see if I could sort things out and I went for these little beauties. The Max Factor CC stick is yellow which claims to counteract the colour of under eye circles and the Maybelline concealer was certainly due to the Essie Button effect. I’ve only been using both of these for a couple of days but I’m liking them a lot. I think my peepers are looking brighter so I for one am a happy bunny.

Spiral (ou Engrenages si vous l’appelez par son nom réel) on BBC 4
My favourite new programme, so much so that I am watching season 5 (which is on BBC 4 at the moment) and season 1 to catch up at the same time. If you love a good crime/detective story then you’ll love this little Parisian number.


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