My Fashion Book Collection


Hello darlings,

For Christmas I received quite a few fashion books so now I have quite the collection which I thought that I’d share with you…


The Fashion Book | A Passion for Stilettos | Shoes

My little version of The Fashion Book is an incredibly cute A-Z of all things fashion whilst my two tiny books about shoes are full of nuggets of delightful information about all kinds of shoes.


100 Ideas that Changed Fashion | 50 Fashion Looks that Changed the 1990s

I love my 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion, it’s full of information about all things fashion from the open shoe to the death of the corset. Similarly my 50 fashion looks that changed the 1990s book is a compilation of wonderful 90s things from the wonderbra to the Spice Girls.


Vogue Collections

These are just my favourite things, yes they’re not books, but they are the epitome of fashion with just pages and pages of glossy pictures from the season’s main shows and the accompanying accessories.


The Fashion Book | Fashion A History of the 20th Century

The Fashion Book aka ‘the fashion bible’ as dubbed by Vogue is the A-Z of everything fashion and quite simply, it is absolutely fantastic! It is a real must for anyone who loves fashion’s rich culture. In addition the Fashion History of the 20th Century is full of beautiful pictures of garments from throughout that 20th Century with short and sweet explanations.


Jimmy Choo: Icons

The crème de la crème for any shoe lover’s book collection. Believe you me if you love shoes you will adore this parade of some of the most beautiful shoes known to man- it’s glorious!


How to be lovely | So Audrey

Once again not fashion books but I couldn’t leave these two little gems out of the mix with Audrey Hepburn being an idol to me in more ways than simply regarding fashion. My Oma bought me the How to be lovely book which was so very kind. It’s full of extracts from Audrey’s professional and personal life and most definitely a must read for any self confessed Hepburn fan. The So Audrey book is full of sweet one liners to add a little Audrey into your life.


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