Dressing like a Lady

Hello darlings,

I may only be 18 but for me a ladylike hem length, a classic heel and a chic bag are far more appealing than anything say in neon- it’s just my personal taste. In fact on my ‘About me’ page I comment on how I dub my style as “granny chic” because in essence an older, of course stylish, lady is more likely to be dressed like me than a stereotypical girl my age would be. I’d love to have a revival of the demure look amongst us teens; fewer hot pants and more well structured wide leg trousers, fewer tiny tight dresses and more tea dresses and fewer exposing tops and more blouses. Clearly individual style should be celebrated and wearing a uniform of a blouse and a neat pencil skirt is not what I am suggesting but, as old fashioned as this may sound, I don’t think revisiting a time when everything was left a little bit more to the imagination would be a such bad thing. The lovely DoC Kate Middleton has already done wonders in this field, raising the profile of dressing in an elegant way. So with this in mind I’ve put together a few pieces that would fit perfectly in a ladylike capsule wardrobe…


Coat & Dress (from Hobbs) | Blouse (Honor via MatchesFashion) | Skirt (L K Bennett) | Dolly shoes (Karen Millen) | Handbag (via MatchesFashion) | Earrings (Tiffany) | Heels (L K Bennett)


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