Smythson Christmas Wishlist

Hello darlings,

I was contacted by Smythson about a little competition that they are holding to win one of their stunning bags in which all I had to do was choose which of their products I would love to wake up to under my tree. This of course was not a difficult task with all of their gorgeous products…


Bag | Notebook | Jewellery Pouch | iPad Case | Jewellery Box | Pen | Purse | iPhone Case | Washbag

1. Maxi Tote

Blimey if I found this little beauty under the Christmas tree I would be one happy bunny. I love that it’s everyday chic.

2. Notebook

I feel like this gorgeous notebook will help me channel my inner Blair Waldorf and help me conquer the Upper East Side- a girl can dream anyway!

3. Jewellery Pouch

I am very taken by this cute, little jewellery pouch. To me it’s one of those extra special pieces that will remind you of the moment you got it forever and ever.

4. iPad Case

My current iPad case is getting a little shabby around the edges so I would very much welcome this heavenly one come Christmas morn.

5. Jewellery Box

I think that this is a classic piece that every girl should get at some point- it’ll last a life time!

6. Pen

If there’s one thing in life that I love it’s stationary and this pretty little pen sends my heart a flutter.

7. Purse

This purse is such a lovely colour and classic shape that I would consider myself a very lucky girl if I were to receive it from Santa.

8. iPhone Case

I love the colour of this case, it’ll add some individuality to a phone without it looking cheap and gimmicky.

9. Washbag

You can never go wrong with a washbag and there would be no arguments from me if I unwrapped this stunner on Christmas morning.

Which of their products would fill you with Christmas joy?


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