Review: Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish

Hello darlings,

Usually I don’t bother to paint my nails but it was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary last weekend which I thought warranted a bit more effort than normal. So with this in mind I opted for this Maybelline nail varnish in latte which I picked up from Boots a few months ago…




I’ve never delved into the world of nude nail varnishes before but I really like this colour- it looks somewhat pink in some lights yet is generally your common go to nude colour. It did however take me three coats to get exactly the colour and coverage that I wanted which, for a person who is a little impatient with these kinds of things like me, is very much a down side. On the other hand I have been wearing it for six days now and only now is it starting to look a little shabby close up.

Overall, for the very reasonable price, I think that this is a very decent nail varnish- it will definitely be in my basket again.


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One thought on “Review: Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish

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