Phase Eight: Winter Coat Styling Competition

With the cold certainly starting to loom over us here in Britain, Phase Eight are holding a competition to style one of their beautiful, beautiful coats and I saw no reason as to why not to have a go. So I scoured their website for my favourite coat and complimentary accessories and this is what I came up with…


Coat |Scarf | Hat | Boots

The Coat
I think that the colour of this coat is the winner here; it is definitely what drew me to it. But I am also a fan of the shape and design, especially the belt for the nipped in waist. I think that it will definitely turn heads!

The scarf
Scarves are one of my favourite parts a winter wardrobe and this one really appealed to me. I love the colours and pattern mixtures; I think that it goes wonderfully with the coat.

The hat
I’m not really a hat girl, although not without trying. However I really like the simplicity and classic look of this hat so I really want to give it a go!

The boots
I think that every girl needs a pair of flat, knee high boots for the winter and, with this outfit, I think these do the job perfectly.


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