18th Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my big 18th birthday so I thought that I’d share with you some of my favourite bits from the past couple of days. As a nosey person myself I love this kind of post, so I hope that you enjoy it too…

My condition meant that I didn’t quite celebrate my birthday in the generic British teenager way by getting a little tipsy but nevertheless I had a lovely time surrounded by all the people I love and a lot of cake!

The very lovely cake that my mum made for me- and yes it tasted as good as it looks

Making a birthday wish at the little gathering that one of my friends was kind enough to host for me and my other friends 

At 4:30am on Saturday I woke up to this

I did enjoy waking up in the beautiful Cath Kidston pj bottoms that my friend had given me a little earlier on in the week

My favourite card


The gorgeous present I got from my brother accompanied by the rather amusing card

I was an extremely lucky girl

I do love flowers!

With my two brothers- rocking the birthday tiara of course

Getting incredibly excited!

Making another birthday wish

My little family

I wore a dress from ASOS and a Monsoon cardigan that I actually bought, if my memory serves me right, on my 14th birthday!


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