Wardrobe Staple: Little Black Bag

Hello my lovelies!

I apologise for the lack of posts this week; this post was scheduled for Wednesday but I have been sans wifi for the past couple of days (I know the horror). Although luckily now I can get back to you and can continue my sordid love affair with Pinterest.

As for the wardrobe staple in hand, however useful and imperative a black handbag may seem, I am yet to ever own one, never having found ‘the one’. So I went online to try to find it and yes came back with a couple of ones but with each being so lovely and different I couldn’t leave them behind…


1. Zara £159.00 | 2. ASOS £75.00 | 3. Zara £79.99 | 4. Zara £39.99 | 5. Mulberry £4,500 | 6. Warehouse via ASOS £42.00 |

I think, if I had to pick, I would choose number 4, which one is your favourite?


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