However much I love fashion, I keep a very tight grip on the purse strings and very rarely decide to buy something on a whim. So when I do decide to make a purchase, I always try to find the cheapest way to do it. Consequently I’ve put together my top 10 ways to save money on fashion online…

1. Signing up to emails

Firstly I find that the best way to save money is to sign up to store newsletters because, not only do you get the gossip on the latest trends, there are often great deals too. Some of my favourites are H&M, New Look and Oasis.

2. eBay

eBay’s fashion section is second to none, whether it’s the fashion gallery where you can you can buy straight from brands, the vintage section where you can find little gems or the general marketplace where you can buy from members of the public, there will always be something that tickles your fancy and is gentle on the pocket at the same time.

3. Mallzee

Mallzee is a whole new shopping experience; after answering a couple of questions, they suggest items of clothing for you from the brands you love. You can then share your possible purchases on Facebook getting your friends opinions and when you buy a piece via Mallzee you earn Mallzee dollars to spend on your next favourite thing. Snazzy hey?

4. Fashion Vouchers

Fashion Vouchers is a great way to find discount codes for the brands you love; I always check to see whether there is something that applies to me before I buy something. Simple but effective.

5. Girl meets Dress

Ever wished you could wear a designer dress without the hefty price tag? I know I do. Therefore, when I heard about Girl Meets Dress I thought that it was a wonderful idea. You can hire up to three designer dresses and you only pay for the one you wear! So whether it’s your birthday, prom, a wedding or even just a girl’s night out , Girl Meets Dress is the place to be.

6. Charity shops

Another great way to save money online is to shop on online charity shops, like Oxfam and Sue Ryder, as prices are reasonable and it conscience free as you’re giving money to charity.

7. Brandalley/ Cocosa

Brandalley and Cocosa is another great way of finding discounts on brands, here is mainly designer, with sometimes up to 70% off!

8. ASOS/ ASOS Marketplace

I’m a big fan of ASOS; I could spend a worrying amount of money there. But luckily they have an outlet with up to 70% off so you really can bag some bargains. Moreover there is free delivery which means that ASOS is always my first port of call when I need something because the delivery prices on a lot of websites is extortionate. And if that isn’t enough there is also ASOS marketplace which is very similar to eBay yet easier to browse. Although there are perhaps fewer good deals.

9. Etsy

Etsy is a great place to pick up everything a girl could need ‘fashionwise’ with clothes, accessories, vintage and even craft supplies. Even though there are some higher end dealers there are some great people selling products for very, very reasonable prices like my mum, Petra Sue Jewellery, who sells earrings for £2.00 or Jamie’s Vintage Closet, Foxy Fundangles by Cori and 4th Generation Designs.

10. Look for blogs

And finally, I think one of the best ways to save money, whilst scouring the Internet, is to check out blogs like Burkatron, Make Do Style and Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion who share their fashion DIY tips as DIY is a great way of getting the latest trends by using just a little bit of know how.

One extra little tip is to shop your own wardrobe. I know this might seem strange but I often rediscover things when I have a proper look through my wardrobe and it’s a free way of creating a “new” outfit. And if you really can’t find the piece you want you have an excuse to go shopping.


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