The Jacket

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Hello my lovelies!

I spend a worrying amount of time on YouTube; watching things I never thought I would, or in fact needed, to see. But in my time trawling through multiple videos, I stumbled across this wonderful one from Chanel…

I’ve always loved the Chanel jacket and have always seen it as the epitome of my style- granny chic. But woe is me as I am unable to afford the real deal. So I often look to the high street for a good copy and this season Next has created one simply beautiful jacket. I thought that I’d team it with other classics every women needs- a white shirt and a good pair of jeans…

Heels (Zara) Shirt (Hobbs) Bag (Mulberry) Nail Varnish (Barry M) Jeans (Religion via ASOS) Jacket (Next) Necklace (Chanel)

For me this is a look I would wear time and time again. Is there a classic piece of clothing that you’ve been yearning for?


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