ASOS Wish List


Yesterday I spent my evening ‘virtually window shopping’ on the wonderful ASOS. My love for ASOS has really grown over the past year especially as they have free delivery! Here is my condensed (yep condensed) wish list..

Top £36.00
Normally I’m not an orange kind of girl but I fell in love with the flute sleeves and tie waist of this top and thought that I’d venture out into the world of colour.

Dress £22.00
I think that this a really sweet dress. It reminds me of a ballet costume and well I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina!

Top £25.00
The colour of this top is stunning! It puts one big smile on my face.

Heels £28.00
I love heels. I love lace. It’s the perfect combination.

Dress £175.00
I have been dreaming about this dress- how I would style it, where I would wear it, how beautiful it would look just hanging in my wardrobe! It’s sensational!

Dress £180.00
I love how classy yet how interesting this dress is. It’s so versatile- you can wear it day or night.

Skirt £45.00
The colour and the shape of this skirt makes it look very expensive and well I won’t tell if you don’t.

Dress £42.00
I like this dress. I like the style, the print and the fact that it could be worn for many different occasions.

Dress £38.00
I think that this dress looks vintage and très Kate Middleton so how could I resist?

Trousers £22.00
I feel in love with the colour of these trousers and think that they’re perfect for this winter-spring period. They’re warm but are such a beautifully vivid colour.

Trousers £28.00
Practical and chic- can a girl ask for anymore?

Trainers £60.00
Before becoming ill I never wore trainers in fact I did everything I could to avoid them. But now they are one of my wardrobe staples and I love these for spring; the floral print is a great way to add that touch of spring to an outfit.

Shorts £22.00
Apart from on holiday I rarely wear shorts so I thought that I’d take a punt and opted for this classy little black pair.

Wedges £45.00
I fell for these as soon as I saw them. They’re absolutley stunning.

Blouse £30.00
Simply a pretty blouse, sweet colour, light chiffon and perfect for spring.

What’s on your wish list at the moment?



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