An Oscar Worthy Outfit

If there’s one thing I love about award season it’s the dresses! And Phase Eight have just launched a limited edition range of dresses, that are definitely Oscar worthy, called Collection 8

The Pippa £300.00

The Cinderella £250.00

The Isabella £250.00

The Lexy £295.00

The Eve £350.00

The Pandora £350.00

The Colette £275.00

The Margherita £250.00

My favourite is the Lexy- it’s absolutely stunning! And, even though it’s quite expensive, all it needs is a simple pair of black courts and a black clutch to finish off the outfit. However each and everyone of them is beautiful in it’s own right!

Which is your favourite?



2 thoughts on “An Oscar Worthy Outfit

  1. Was just about to comment that my favourite is the Lexy and then saw you think that too 🙂
    What a great blog – I’m following. I definitely need fashion advice, watch out for me just popping next door to ask your advice..!
    Em (Henry and Asta’s mum) xx

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