My Trip to Big, Old London Town

In the spirit of London Fashion Week VisitBritain asked me to describe my perfect London Shopping experience. Now it didn’t take me anytime to recall my favourite places to visit and to create my dream outfit to go to all of them in…

Now I’m going to assume that in my magical shopping experience that I can move around London without having to go on the tube or having any time constraints- I’m thinking of a kind of Hermione’s, from Harry Potter, time turner affair.

How I would spend my day ~

20130217-161928.jpg (all pictures Pinterest)

Firstly of course I would go to Oxford Street and peruse the delights in Topshop, Uniqlo and Selfridges. I would then love to rediscover my inner child at Hamleys because I believe that no London trip is complete without feeling the wonder that one does there. Then continuing with the iconic shops I would make my way to Harrods. I could spend hours here admiring the jewellery counters, enjoying the beauty section and browsing the fashion floors. After that I would lunch in Covent Gardens surrounded by the buzz of other busy shoppers. And then later I would like to spend my afternoon at the Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert museum. Before I have a twilight walk along the Chelsea Embankbank- in some sort of ‘Made in Chelsea’ fashion.

My outfit for the day ~

Blazer (French Connection) £140.00 Jeans (Topshop) £40.00 Top Shoes (Dorothy Perkins) £16.00 Bag (Zara) £19.99 Necklace (ASOS) £35.00 Scarf (Zara) £17.99

I love this outfit because not only is it pretty, it’s practical and comfortable too! This gorgeous navy blazer is great because when you’re in any shops or museums it’ll be light enough to carry but, with the scarf, it’ll be warm enough for the up and coming early spring months. The ballet flats mean that you can walk for hours in an incredibly chic way and the beautiful, big bag means that you can carry everything you need around easily. And these bright colours will brighten any gloomy London sky!

What would your dream London shopping trip consist of?


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