Shoe of the Week

I love twitter (cough follow me @hollyk_smith cough) and I love the fact that I get to learn about all of these different fashion brands that I otherwise may not have come into contact with. My latest find is London Sole who have some of the most beautiful ballet flats that have been seen on some of my favourite celebs and even the DoC herself Kate Middleton! Therefore, because I couldn’t choose just one favourite pair for this week’s ‘Shoe of the Week’, here are my top 5:

Number 1: Faux Snakeskin $165.00


Number 2: Glitter ($165.00)


Number 3: Casual ($165.00)


Number 4: Smart Casual ($165.00)


Number 5: One of a Kind ($140.25)


The amazing thing is you can also get custom flats where you’re able to choose the style, material and trim of your shoes in order to create your perfect flats.


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