Zara Wish List

Zara is one of my favourite places to online ‘window’ shop. They have some really beautiful and classic pieces but it all feels modern and new. So I thought that I would show you the 10 pieces I’ve been lusting over recently…

20130124-192714.jpg Sequinned and Embroidered Cardigan £239.00
Now this is the most lavish, and consequently expensive, piece that I am currently converting. I think that it is absolutely gorgeous! It’s such a lovely colour, full of texture and I love the fact that in a way I could see it on a very (and I mean very) glamorous grandma!

20130124-192724.jpg Bowling Bag £69.99
I love this bag because I think that it’s a great everyday piece that has a bit of interest surrounding it, regarding it’s shape. With it on your arm you’d be the envy of everyone especially me!

20130124-192732.jpg Cropped Culottes £29.99
When I was younger I used to own a pair of culottes that I thought I looked the bee’s knees in and absolutely treasured; so when I saw these I couldn’t resist revisiting my younger self via the outlet of fashion.

20130124-192741.jpg Heels £59.99
These are a pair of black beauties that I have be loving for a while now and I don’t think that this crush is going to end anytime soon!

20130124-192749.jpg Shopper Basket Bag £39.99
I’ve seen a couple of variations of this kind of bag on the high-street at the moment and this is by far my favourite- practical and stylish, what more could a girl ask for?

20130124-192755.jpg Stripe Shirt £25.99
If you are a regular reader you will know that I am a fan of a striped t-shirt and when I saw this one I instantly wanted to add it to my collection.

20130124-193109.jpg Blouse with Front Frill £29.99
This is so elegant and will look stunning with either jeans and ballet flats or a skirt and heels.

20130124-192801.jpg Lace and Embroidered Skirt £79.99
I love lace! Consequently I love this skirt!

20130124-192809.jpg Jumper with Cross-stitch Flowers £35.99
Whilst being ill I’ve been wearing a lot of jumpers and leggings and I thought that this one would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

20130124-192815.jpg Frilled Dress £69.99
I love this dress! I think that it is absolutely sublime and I will definitely be hunting it out when the next sale comes around. It’s so delightful! You may have realised that I’m quite infatuated with this piece.

Have a lovely weekend!



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