Christmas Day Upper East Side Style

There are a few tv programmes that I just love. So I am very upset that my current favourite, Gossip Girl, (confession: I may have seen every single episode including the pilot at least two times) is ending on Wednesday – cue the tears. The only redeeming fact is that, due to spoilers, it is known that Blair and Chuck are supposedly getting married which does cushion the blow ever so slightly.
Therefore in homage to the wonderful Gossip Girl I thought that I would pull together some Christmas Day looks in the style of the two leading ladies Blair and Serena.


Dress £69.99 (Zara) Bracelet £14.00 (Accessorize) Headband £3.99 (Glitz4Girlz) Heels £39.99 (Zara)

I love the character of Blair’s look and I think that this dress encapsulates her style perfectly- chic, classic but with a modern twist. And of course there is the signature headband.


Double Chain Necklace £14.00 (People Tree via ASOS) Necklace £55.00 (Ottoman Hands via ASOS) Dress £141.50 (French Connection) Heels £29.99 (Jessica Simpson via T K Maxx)

I love Serena’s free spirited look and I think that this the perfect dress to showcase that style but in a sparkly, Christmassy way. Equally the necklaces will add that hippy, laid back feel that is very ‘Serena’.

Whose style do you prefer?



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