My mum has a beautiful Pandora bracelet that she has been collecting charms for for 4 years. So when John Greed contacted me about a competition to design my own Pandora bracelet I jumped at the chance.

I decided to use the classic Pandora bracelet because I think that it is simple, sophisticated and is the icon of the Pandora brand which I think personifies class and taste. I then had a great amount of fun going through all of the beautiful charms and deciding which ones I was going to choose. I wanted to make an interesting but understated bracelet so that it could be worn all of the time; in the end I went for a selection of a silver charms with lots of different textures and a couple of pops of colour.

Bracelet £55.00 Smooth Pebble £15.00Lapis Lazulli Dangle £35.00 Beaded Charm £20.00

Intricate Oblong £30.00 Flowers and Pearl £75.00 Open Work Ball £15.00 Total: £245.00

Which is your favourite?


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