Groove is in the Heart

I love making mood-boards. Therefore I thought that I would show you how to make a mood-board picture that you can make a simple or as lavish as you like and all you need are some old magazines, some paper and a frame…

Step 1

Go through all of your old magazines cutting out fabrics that you like, earrings, back drops of adverts -anything that takes your fancy really.

Step 2

Find a frame that you like (your mood-board can be any size) and then cut a piece of paper or card to fit the size of the frame.

Step 3

From another piece of paper cut a suitably sized heart shape. The easiest way of doing so is by folding the piece of paper in two, drawing half a heart on one side and then cutting it out- comes out perfect every time.

Step 4

Cover your heart with the large pieces that you have cut out- all of the patterns and fabrics work well here.

Step 5

Simply glue it all down and then neaten up the edges with scissors.

Step 6

Add to your mood-board all of the smaller pieces that you have cut out- flowers, earrings, bows, butterflies for example.

Step 7

Stick your finished heart onto your backing piece of paper.

Step 8

Frame it, hang it, love it.



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