Vision Direct’s Halloween Lenses

A couple of weeks ago Vision Direct contacted me about doing a review piece on their new Halloween (non-prescription) contact lenses- this is going to be my first review post so here we go!

I love the idea of Halloween but I find it difficult to come up with an original outfit that I feel comfortable in too. But I think that Vision Direct’s Halloween contact lenses may just be the perfect starting point for one. There are so many different styles (have a look see here); I opted for the purple ‘Vivid’ lenses (£29.00) because I thought that they would look stunning and could be used with so many different costumes.

Now they looked lovely and I was confident that I would really like them when they were in. Then I hit a snag. I asked my Dad to help me put them in (and he very lovingly took the pictures too) and, as I’ve spent my whole life seeing him and my brother putting in contacts, I assumed that it would be easy. I found it ridiculously difficult! Even with my Dad trying to put them in, my other brother holding my eye open and me trying my absolute hardest to keep my eye open. It just didn’t happen. My eyes were resisting. So desperate measures called for my lovely brother to model them instead. So everyone meet William:


With them in

Will said that at first they were slightly strange to wear but you soon got used to them and they ended up being really comfortable. Although I think that the colour didn’t show up particularly well on him- I think that they would be better for someone with fairer hair and skin colour just to make the colour more prominent. Overall I think that they are a really good Halloween accessory that you could wear with either a full blown outfit or just to spice up an ordinary outfit. Seriously don’t be put off by my wimpy experience- here’s a ‘how to’ put lenses in video that is really helpful:

I thought that I would show you two ways in which I would style them. I decided that I would try to put a Halloween-y twist (think leather, black lace and a couple of studs thrown in for good measure) on two relatively ‘normal’ outfits. And it gives you an excuse to buy more expensive clothing because you’ll be able to wear them again (I can’t resist an excuse for shopping!):

Eyeliner (Maybelline via £8.00 Veil (Amazon) £4.45 Eyeshadow (Stila via £13.00 Heels (ASOS) £25.00 Cross Body Chain (New Look) £7.99 Dress (Mango via ASOS) £49.99

Top (ASOS) £28.00 Fascinator (eBay) £17.99 Leather look Skirt (Warehouse via ASOS) £40.00 Lipstick (Rimmel via £4.99 Heels (Office) £65.00

Happy Halloween!


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