Country Classic

I think that the most important part of anybody’s winter wardrobe is a pair of knee-high boots; luckily I’ve found the most gorgeous pair from Duo. I thought I’d style them with one of this season’s biggest trends heritage:

Blazer (H&M) £34.99 Shirt (H&M) £19.99 Blouse (H&M) £19.99 Boots (DUO) £150.00 Trousers (Uniqlo) £14.90 Disc Bracelet (French Connection via ASOS) £20.00 Chain Bracelet (Bing Bang via ASOS) £70.00 Rope Bracelet (Orly Genger By Jaclyn Mayer via ASOS) £113.00

I think that all of the different layers add different dimensions to the outfit. The blue shirt with elbow patches (very old school!) is a classic yet contrasts wonderfully with the lace blouse which makes the outfit a little bit more feminine. Equally the checked trousers add a classic but playful twist. But I think my favourite part of the outfit (apart from the boots of course which I think finish off the outfit) is the tweed jacket because it’s so simply gorgeous and can be worn so many times, in so many different ways- in fact all of the pieces of this outfit can. I finished this outfit off with some chunky jewellery that I hoped would add a feminine touch yet fit in with the practicality of the outfit. It is the perfect winter weekend look!



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