6th Form Fashion Week

It’s only been a few weeks back at school but I’ve already realised how difficult it is to find a different outfit every single day- yet I was so excited to be out of uniform! So I’ve put together a week’s worth of clothes that all interchange so you look like you’re wearing something else everyday:

Jeans MIH Jeans via Matches Fashion £154.00 – I know that these jeans may be slightly expensive but they are good quality, well cut and you’ll wear them most days of the year- they’ll last you forever!

Stripy T-shirt Gap £9.99 – One of my must haves! I have so many stripy t-shirts in my wardrobe (probably more than necessary) but I do wear them all of the time.

Cricket Cardigan ASOS £38.00- I thought that this was a really sweet cardigan, the zip makes it slightly more relaxed looking and it will go with so much.

Ankle Boots Clarks £59.99- Simply an autumn essential; they’re the perfect colour and heel height for everyday wear.

Dress Oasis via ASOS £45.00- I love this dress! The fact that it’s a knit means that it’s a great autumn/winter piece and the shape of the skirt means that the dress will flatter most body shapes.

Belt Zara £19.99- I think that this is just a lovely little belt that adds some definition to the dress.

Tights Zara £15.99- Black tights are an absolute necessity! I particularly like that these are thick.

Ballet Flats ASOS £11.00 – These flats will go with everything so you’ll wear them over and over again.

Jumper Topshop £36.00- I chose this jumper because I think that it looks so cosy ready for winter and the nude colour means that it can be worn with so many different things.

Shirt ASOS £20.00- Beautiful colour. Beautiful cut. Beautiful shirt.

Knitted tights New Look £5.99- I love knitted tights- they mean you can wear dresses in the winter without getting too cold which is always good.

Necklace Zara £19.99- This necklace will help add a little bit of glam to a Friday (who doesn’t need that?).



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