Competition: Outfit for under £50

To celebrate making it into Fashion Vouchers‘s Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list, Fashion Vouchers launched a challenge for bloggers to find the best outfit for £50 from I was really exited by this because I love to find a good bargain and as a teenager I can’t afford to be spending masses on outfits! So here is the outfit that I put together for less than £50:

Dress £20.00 Ballet Flats £8.00 Bag £10.00 Belt £8.00

I think that this outfit is very versatile; it could be worn for work or even for an evening do. This is a great statement dress that only needs a few accessories to change it into a great outfit- buying statement pieces is always a great way of making your outfits cost less because you’ll need less extras. Equally the accessories will go with so many different pieces as well for example the ballet flats will look very sweet with jeans too.


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