A/W Collection Week: F&F Friday

Whenever I go to Tesco, which granted is not very often, it’s imperative that I have a look in the clothes section. F&F ( Tesco’s clothing line) has over the years bettered itself season to season. This season is the best yet and due to the low prices there are loads of pieces that are difficult to resist.

Lace Cardigan £20.00

I have a ridiculous amount of cardigans and jumpers ( well you need one in every colour!). Even though I have more than I can really wear I fell in love with this cardigan because it’s just one of those things that you don’t need to wear with anything else for a casual look.

Tunic Dress £32.00

I think that this is another piece which is wonderful on its own. Just wear with black courts and a black envelop clutch for a really classy office look.

Lace Printed Top £14.00

This is another simple everyday piece that I chose because I think it’s perfect for school because it can be worn with so many things that people won’t notice that you’ve worn the same top 2/3 times that week.

Ballet Flats £10.00

I think that it’s really important to have a selection of ballet flats ( I would never be able to spend all of my time in heels).

Top £14.00

This will be nice in autumn winter with a rusty coloured chunky cardigan and then in summer with shorts.

Dress £28.00

Such a sweet little floaty dress that can be accessorised to be suitable for an everyday look or an evening look.

Top £14.00

I thought that this was a lovely top to wear with just jeans and boots during the winter.



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