Shoe of the Week

Around this time every year I buy a pair of jeans and a pair of boots for the upcoming winter, regardless of what’s already in my wardrobe- it’s a kind of tradition. So I thought that this week I’d try to find the 5 best boots on the high-street at the moment:

TOPSHOP £70.00

I chose these boots because I think that they are the perfect colour for winter- the mossy green will go with everything- and the chunky heels mean that they are suitable for everyday winter wear.

Dune (via John Lewis) £110

These are the most expensive boots that in my selection but I have a very similar pair in brown and I absolutely adore them. I was looking for a long time for this kind of boot and I managed to find a pair a couple of years ago that were perfect. I’ve worn them so much that I’ve broken the zip but that doesn’t stop me still wearing them when I can.

Clarks £69.99

Granted I may have picked these because they have the name Macay Holly (everyone loves something that has the same name as them). But they’re growing on me. I think that they would be perfect just with jeans and a jacket during autumn and then they have a good soles on them for when it gets a bit icier.

New Look £19.99

These boots are only £19.99 so even if they only last through autumn they’re still a really good buy!

ASOS £45.00

Lastly I selected these boots because they are the perfect brown, staple, knee-high, everyday boots and they are very reasonably priced at only £45.00 as well – real value for money.




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