As a family we are (or are forced to be thanks to my dad) really light packers. We have one large suitcase if we go away for one week or two large suitcases between five of us for 2 weeks. So a couple of years ago I got my own carry-on suitcase and now it goes everywhere with me. But a small suitcase still isn’t much, so I have to be super savvy with what I’m going to take with me. That’s why it’s really important for me to plan certain outfits that I know I’ll need and that include pieces that I can mix and match too. So when I found out about DaisyButter and New Looks’s #HOLIDAYHOP competition I thought they were the perfect scenarios to try to create outfits for.

The first look is travel style:

Scarf £6.99 Ballet Flats £7.99 Trousers £16.99 Top £3.49 ( All of the clothes in this entire post are from New Look)

This outfit is really comfy because of the trousers, which are really on trend too because they are pajamas you can wear outside- who wouldn’t want that? The scarf is great because you can wear it in gloomy England to keep you warm and then it’s light enough just to be able to put it in your bag when you’ve landed somewhere sunnier.


Shoes £34.99 Swimsuit £44.99 Sunglasses £5.99

The swimsuit totally encapsulates the Aztec print trend so its super stylish and with matching accessories it only gets better. The shoes are perfect for a summer holiday because they’re great for everyday wear as they can get wet but they look smart enough that they could be worn of an evening too.

Beach it:

Kaftan £5.00 Sandals £20.99 Bikini Top £16.99 Bikini bottoms £16.99 Sunglasses £2.00

I love this bikini because it’s both frilly and floral- perfect combination! The accessories are great too; the sunglasses are as cheap as chips so are perfect just to be taken along as your spare pair (many a times have I been thankful that I have another pair) and you will definitely wear  the sandals over and over again because they’re just so versatile.

Sunset Supper:

Hand Chain £5.99 Bracelet £2.00 Maxi Dress £34.99 Heels £19.99

I chose this dress because not only is it perfect for a night out in the summer, it can so easily be worn in the cold months too- just wear it with a leather jacket and ankle boots- you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. I decided to match the dress with purple accessories as it’s a bit more playful for a night out.

Beach to club:

Heels £10.00 Bag £8.00 Dress £27.00 Earrings £2.99 Cuff £5.99 Swimsuit £34.99

I think that this dress is perfect for the beach because it’s bright and colourful and not too long but it is equally great for a club because of the cinched in waist. The clutch is simple enough for during the day and will fit in all your essentials even the jewellery if you really do need to go straight from the beach to a club. The wedges are super comfy too so your feet won’t get sore or tired even though you’re wearing heels all day.



8 thoughts on “#HOLIDAYHOP

  1. Definitely loving the sunset supper the best. I think nearly everyone’s best outfit is in the sunset supper, mine included because us girls like getting dressed up so much! All the accessories + printed maxi dress you pick would look so elegant.


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