Seasonal Shirt

I think it’s really important to have wardrobe staples that you can wear all year round. So I thought that I would create 4 different outfits for £200 that all included one beautiful blouse.

Blouse– £14.99

Spring: Ballet flats £5.00 Earrings £3.00 Skirt £19.99 Winter: Jumper £14.99 Trousers £14.99 Boots £24.99 Autumn: Heels £14.99 Necklace £10.00 Dress £25.00 Summer: Trainers £14.99 Shorts £19.99

But I thought that I could do better than just 4 outfits and thought up another couple of full outfits that combined only pieces from the other outfits:

(Winter) Jumper + (Spring) Skirt+ (Summer) Trainers

Autumn) Dress + (Spring) Ballet flats + (Spring) Earrings

(Summer) Shorts + (Winter) Jumper+ (Spring) Ballet flats

So that’s 7 different outfits, for all seasons, for just £200- who wouldn’t want that?



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