Olympic Metallic Hues

I am pretty darn proud to be British at the moment. Our Olympic athletes are simply superb and that it why they’re being donned with so many medals! But for us whom are more comfortable at home watching them do their thing, the high-street is full of metallic hues for us to work into our wardrobe. So I thought I’d put together a bronze, silver and gold outfit:


Bag: M&S £19.50 Dress: ASOS £15.00 Shoes: Barretts £35.00 Necklace: H&M £7.99

I like this look because it only has metallic accents which means that it could be worn every day.


Trousers: M&S £35.00 Earrings: Accessorize £12.00 Shoes: London Rebel (via ASOS) £22.00 Top: Topshop £20.00 Clutch: Clarks £29.99

I think that this is my favourite look because it is a sort of double whammy in the sense of honoring the Olympics because not only does it include some beautiful silver pieces, the top is also in the official colour of the Olympics (Pantone Magenta C don’t you know).


Top: ASOS £40.00 Shoes: Office £45.00 Skirt: Joy £39.00 Earrings: Accessorize £3.00 Clutch: ASOS £25.00

I love this look because it is so simple and classy and all the pieces are so versatile that they’ll come out of your wardrobe again and again (and the earrings are an absolute steal).





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