DIY Diary

A diary is never something I would associate with fashion. But ever since I’ve known that for 6th form I could have any diary I wanted I’ve wanted to have the prettiest one around. But I couldn’t find any that really took my fancy so I decided to make my own.


This is how I did it:

Firstly I bought a bog standard academic diary from eBay for about a fiver and got out all of my old magazines ( yes I do keep all of mine). I went though all of the magazines, cutting out all different things from a rose that was in an advertisement to a dress which was made from a particularly nice fabric.

The next step- once everything is cut out- is to arrange the cuttings into a sort of collage on the diary. I usually use blue tac so I can move all the pieces around till I’m completely happy with how it looks. Then I used a glue stick to stick it all down but I did leave some of the blue tac on as well.

Next I put clear plastic covering over it all to seal it. It’s quite tricky to get it completely smooth the first time. So to smooth it all out I heated it with a hot water bottle for an hour or so and then put the diary under something heavy to get rid of most of the creases.

To finish it all off I sewed a button to the end of the ribbon marker and then lined the inside pages with some card. Done.



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