Fashion Forward… on a budget

Luckily (or annoyingly whichever way you look at it) I am incredibly sensible with my money. However like anyone else who has a penchant for shopping I sometimes get the urge to spend, spend, spend. I always pay (excuse the pun) for such a splurge later on. Unfortunately it’s so much easier to spend money on the Internet, unlike in a store where we have to personally hand over the money to the cashier, we can click a magic button and then get sent a present in the post. That is why I’m so grateful for the sites which help me fuel my shopping addiction but prevent such a sting at the end of the month. So my fellow fashion followers here are my best internet money-saving tips:

1. My mum is the queen of the charity shops and practically dresses herself (and the rest of my family) in her charity shop finds. This means that I am unwilling to spend £20 on a dress, when I know I can get an equally lovely one for £2.00, unless I truly truly love it. But the web does have a couple of websites that give the charity shop prices a run for their money. The first one is ASOS marketplace. There are three types of sellers: little fashion labels, vintage sellers and the individual sellers who are the fashion loving public. There’s always something that takes my fancy whether it’s a high-street or vintage piece. Another wonderful website is of course eBay. The greatest tip I’ve learnt is to misspell the words you’re searching by one or a couple of letters and then you can often get even more of a bargain for the same product as the ones which have been described with the correct spelling. The brands selling too – in the fashion gallery- is also a really great way of shopping high-street sales all year round which can only be a good thing! Or you could simply just shop on the charity shop websites! Who knew these existed? It was only when I was researching for you guys how best to save money online that I found that both Oxfam and Cancer research had shops online. I can’t stay off them now, you can always find a full outfit for under £20 and it’s almost guilt free because you’re giving money to charity yet getting a outfit on the side.

2. I’m a sucker for designer- I may have no money for it but I could look at designer clothing all day every day. That is why I am so grateful for websites like Brandalley and Cocosa. They make my designer dreams a reality by emailing all the latest offers on designer wear- it’s just far too tempting. There are also websites like Fashion Vouchers which is always useful to take a look at before you do any online shopping just in case there’s a discount code that could save you more money.

3. Borrowing clothes over the internet is another concept I’m fairly new to but who wouldn’t want to wear a very expensive dress even if it’s just for one night, some of them have even been worn by celebrities. The best two sites I’ve found are Girl Meets Dress and My Celebrity Dress. Next time I need a dinner dress I will definitely be hiring one – it just seems the perfect way to get to wear designer without the hefty price tag.

4. The last website that I found to help you and me to save money is The Big Wardrobe. It’s a bit like eBay but you can offer money on the items or you can pay with old clothes you don’t wear anymore. I think it’s an amazing idea that we can swap clothes that we don’t really want for clothes we really do! You can sign up for free or get a slightly better service for a small amount a month. I signed up for free and will be swapping to my heart’s content (when I decide that I can let go of something in my wardrobe which is fairly rare). It’s free shopping – yay!

One extra little tip is to shop your own wardrobe. I know this might seem strange but I often rediscover things when I have a proper look through my wardrobe and it’s a free way of creating a “new” outfit. And if you really can’t find the piece you want you have an excuse to go shopping. Enjoy!



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