Spring Layering 101 

Hello darlings, 

It’s finally starting to warm up here in Blighty, just about, so I’m looking forward to shifting to my spring wardrobe which for me, is all about light, bright layers. I think that spring is one of the hardest times of the year to dress for, with the weather being so changeable, so I’ve put together a few outfits to answer that need. I have to say Zara has pulled out all of the stops for this S/S range, it’s pretty spectacular…

   Dress | Cardigan | Jacket | Shoes (all Zara)

  Jumper | Blouse | Skirt | Handbag (all Zara)

 Tank Top | Coat | Trousers | Cardigan (all Zara)


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Style Inspiration: SJP

There are few women in the world (if any) who can mix prints better or has a greater shoe collection than Sarah Jessica Parka. She always looks ladylike, fresh and inspires me greatly in how she can pull an outfit together.

As Carrie or SJP herself this lady is the style icons of all style icons…




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Style Inspiration: Michelle Dockery

Hello darlings,

Being a lady on screen and off means that I’ve always admired Michelle Dockery aka Lady Mary in the much loved Downton Abbey. She is always one of my favourite looks come award season as her use of classic lines, colour and print are much to be admired. For me she is the epitome of elegant English style…














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Valentine’s Day Date Looks

Hello darlings,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I thought I’d put together a few date looks just in case you were in search of a little inspiration…


Dress | Lipstick | Clutch | Heels


Top | Skirt | Clutch | Necklace | Heels


Dress | Clutch | Bracelet | Heels


Dress | Earrings | Clutch | Heels


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6 Ways to be More Mindful


This is perhaps a different post to my norm but it is about something I feel really passionate about so I hope you enjoy.

Being mindful and mindfulness in general seems to be very of the moment but actually practicing it is perhaps a different story. We live a lot of the time on autopilot so much so that sometimes it can get to 9 o’clock, we can be at work or school and have no clue how we got there. Mindfulness is all about taking the time to step back and notice what is going on around and inside of us. It helps me a lot. When my chronic pain increases in intensity, for example during a back spasm, it allows me to get a little space between what is going on in my thoughts, body and all around me, but generally I also believe that it helps me appreciate the beauty of day to day life. Here are my tips to everyday mindfulness…

1. When in the shower, stop for a second, close your eyes and feel the drops of trickle down your body.

2. When you eat your dinner, or perhaps a mouthful of that well deserved chocolate, savour it- think about the taste, texture even temperature.

3. When apply your makeup notice how applying the cool foundation feels with your fingers, the softness of your blusher brush, how the lipstick feels sliding onto your lips etc

4. On your route to work/school look up at the sky, feel the sun- or more likely in good old Blighty, the wind- on your face, take time as it were to smell the roses (metaphorically or in reality if at all possible)

5. At your desk, take three deep breaths, then try and notice five things you can hear, see and touch and five body sensations you are experiencing- I find this one the perfect way to de stress.

6. Take a moment to stretch in a quite space, taking note on how it makes your body feel, where is the tension in your body which you can focus on and breathe into

These aren’t meant to last a long time, 30 seconds can sometimes be all it takes. Of course if you want to spend a bit longer doing it, by all means do so!


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Friday Favourites


Peplum Cardigan
There’s little I love more than a good knit- it’s just so pretty!

These culottes make me feel all 2007 when my culottes were my prize possession. Although I think I’d give the bright pink gloves a miss this time around…


DKNY Handbag
Who doesn’t need a little splash of colour in these wintery months?

Max Factor CC Stick/ Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer
I’ve felt recently that my under eye circles have been particularly bad but to be honest for the last few years I’ve consistently struggled with dark, mainly blue and purple, under eyes- what can I say chronic pain is hardly becoming. So I thought I’d invest in a couple of products to see if I could sort things out and I went for these little beauties. The Max Factor CC stick is yellow which claims to counteract the colour of under eye circles and the Maybelline concealer was certainly due to the Essie Button effect. I’ve only been using both of these for a couple of days but I’m liking them a lot. I think my peepers are looking brighter so I for one am a happy bunny.

Spiral (ou Engrenages si vous l’appelez par son nom réel) on BBC 4
My favourite new programme, so much so that I am watching season 5 (which is on BBC 4 at the moment) and season 1 to catch up at the same time. If you love a good crime/detective story then you’ll love this little Parisian number.


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Shoe of the Week

Hello darlings,

Sometimes I think that there is nothing prettier than a pair of black heels done extremely well. These little beauties from Carvela are a prime example…


I love their simplicity with the flash of an orange sole. I’d wear them with a pair of black jeans and a chiffon blouse for an easy yet sophisticated evening look.


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